From the City to the Country

Photo Jun 28, 9 26 52 AM.jpg

As I sit here in our new house during our first week of staying here, I'm slowly learning and reflecting on so many things, that it's hard to keep from getting a bit overwhelmed. We are now the homeowners of two homes; renting out the first with a lot of work to do to get it ready. Meanwhile, we have so much vision for the new place, it's challenging to be patient when you're so excited. But we are and so far we're getting moved and settled in, figuring out what feels like a completely new life together. 

Growing up I moved a ton, it was always so exciting, and I developed a dislike for being in any place too long. That is until I moved in with my husband nine years ago and never left until this move. It's the longest I've ever lived anywhere, even though it wasn't easy to stay put at first. Now with two kiddos and number three on the way, moving is not nearly as exciting as it once was. Mostly, I see how terrible of a housekeeper I am now that all of our furniture is moved out! Dust and dirt for daysssss. 

While I can see my husband is incredibly exhausted from his long work days and moving on top of it, it makes me so happy to see him happy. To see him take it all in and pull me close. This is what we've waited so long for, and our little surprise love baby was just the motivation we needed. Together we're learning all the noises, quirks, likes and dislikes about our new house. I'm still feeling a little shell-shocked most days, wondering how this can possibly be real, only to look around and see that it still very much is.

What I'm looking forward to the most, though, is knowing what is to come. To watch each season come and go, to make a lifetime of memories here, to cultivate the land, to grow older together in this very place. There's no other time like this that makes you reflect on the growing you've done up until this point too, and I'm honestly wondering how on earth we're already in our thirties?! I started reading Fried Green Tomatoes today and the 87-year-old narrator says the same thing, "somehow I just got here..." I totally agree, it's a trip.