Twelve Mother's Days

I'm a big fan of surprises, so when the alarm went off before 6am on Mother's Day, I was wondering what the heck my husband was thinking?! Especially since my surprise birthday party was the night before and we didn't crawl into bed until midnight, I need my sleep! My good friend, mom, and husband collaborated and planned a party for my birthday, including everyone I love dearly in attendance. It was so wonderful! I have to admit, having everyone know you so well feels pretty darn good sometimes (books and gardening gifts anyone? I got them all!). Getting so spoiled filled my heart and I couldn't believe so many people we know were willing to go out of their way for me. It's always surprising, ya know. 

Up and away we went the next morning for Mother's Day, breakfast and coffee to go, ocean bound baby! It's been so long since we just enjoyed a day away like this, but even longer since it was at the ocean. I start holding grudges when the sand doesn't meet my toes. No joke. On the way I fell asleep and we detoured to a bulb farm for yet another little surprise. Then, "pick out whatever you want," was straight music to my ears. All I could imagine was all the things I'll soon be able to fit at our new property, so I held back, but the kiddos and husband picked out things for me too, and I was set! We met a new puppy friend, got a great deal on plants, and admired their colorful landscaping. Spring is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest, I'm telling you!

The weather was a perfect combination of rainy storminess and breaks with sun and a bit of warmth. No one minded and it felt good to all feel so happy and free together. We had BBQ for lunch and I was given a real Hawaiian lei for being a mama, it was the prettiest thing! We walked the long pier, admired the beautiful ocean, and found our way to the sandy beach before the drive home. Wild sweet peas, sand dollars, and the sweetest pictures made the day so perfect. On the way out, Kate stopped at the ledge of the sand dune saying she had to "get one more view." We all stopped and just soaked in the moment. 

Whatever Mother's Day may mean to all the mom's out there, it's a day to celebrate the ones we love, the ones we've lost, and all that is to come. I'm so thankful for a day like today. Everyone needs a little appreciation and spoiling now and then. Dad's you're up next!