Summer of 2017 Around the Property

If you can't tell, we are settling in quite happily around here. It's been a rocky adjustment for each of us, but you know that's bound to happen with a big change for an entire family. Being constantly busy is a factor as well, but we've finally had moments to actually enjoy together, and that has made all the difference! From having friends over for play dates, dinner with friends, discovering new things around the property, getting a riding lawn mower, little things to make it feel more like home, and one weekend evening around the fire (after chopping our own wood), has given us moments to enjoy while summer is here.

We've taken progress on the renovations for the old house pretty slow with our first month here. And it's been much needed. We are no longer having late dinners every single night, going to bed too late and waking up exhausted, and we are learning the details of a place that only you can be familiar with. After this first month, we are starting to tackle the things we really need to do and preparing for all that's to come next: new schools, new baby, new season. 

I'm really quite grateful for life right now, even if there are days when I genuinely feel like I can't handle this country life. I'll blame that mostly on pregnancy, because that really adds to the effect of change and difficulty. It's okay though, because I'm looking forward to what this little one will bring to our family.