A New Adventurer

The day before Easter, before our family gathered together for a home cooked meal, we took our little ones out to the park for "family photos." At least, that's what we told them. In truth, we had a bit of an announcement, and it was important to us to share it with our children first. We had known for nearly 5 weeks, waiting until we were in the safe zone and certain it was time to share. I desperately wanted to capture the moment, and while it wasn't quite what I expected, I will cherish this unforgettable moment with just our family of four.

It actually took a moment before they understood our intentions when handing them their gift, new shirts. Since Dad got a Papa bear one for Father's Day last year, it was too fun to find these ones for them. Jeremy stepped in to put the Little Bear over my belly, Alyx's reaction was priceless. He hugged me right away while Dad helped Kate understand a little better. I stepped back behind the camera and asked Kate how she felt about becoming a big sister, the thumbs up was her reply. 

As I took photos of just the two of them, I couldn't help but suddenly envision them in their teen years together, walking and talking together just like this. My heart swells and fills with love for them, for their relationship, and for seeing how they shift into their new roles.

Baby number three is due ten years, to the day, after we first met, on October 17, 2017. Oh what a year this will be!