Sometimes it's like this...

Getting into that back to school routine, where sometimes it runs smooth, and other times it's as rocky as can be. But that's ok, because then I see these sweet moments from early last week and my heart melts. It's been so great seeing them adjust to such big changes so well. While the littlest one expresses how much she misses me and often times doesn't want to go to school. The oldest is so thrilled with playing baseball that he doesn't miss a beat in his day, or so it seems. 

As for me, I'm knocking out all the work that flooded in during the month of August and I'm literally down to the very last photo shoot in the queue. My final piece of graduate school application was sent in, and next up are all the things that I've been meaning to tackle. It's damn near liberating! I mostly enjoy embracing change, and I hope that same is given to my little ones, because it's inevitable.

The temperature is quickly dropping as we officially welcome the first day of fall today. I'm sipping warm coffee more mornings than not anymore, and in the afternoons the little ones enjoy hot apple cider. I can't help but be excited as we continue settling into this new season, both literally and figuratively. I look forward to equally embracing the festivities that fall brings. While we skipped the fair again this year, I am more excited for pumpkin patches and other small community events. Even brisk walks and bike rides seem incredibly enticing this time of year!