Back to School Already

The final days of summer are upon us, but summer break is really, definitely over. My oldest started school the week before my youngest, and here we are now with both of them very much at school all day long for the first time ever. It's weird to say the least.

The first week has been rough. Trying to nail down a routine has been especially challenging for us. Not only did Kindergarten start later, but the first few days were intentionally separate from the rest of the school's routine. Then, baseball practice tryouts begin, immediately followed by practice every single day. Each school has different days for open houses and parent teacher meetings. It's been more chaotic than anything. I strive to get into routine as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth transition into the school year for my kids. It's been quite the learning curve.

With back to school comes a new season, fall. Oh fall. I, along with so many others, love fall. The color changes of the season, evening fires, comfort foods, and even more cuddles and movie watching. I hope to slow down even more this year, as I'm able to work so much more while they're at school, so after school can be dedicated to time more directly with them. 

We had so much fun with back to school shopping, room clean ups, and all the little details we could manage before sending them off. I can scarcely forget their first days, how anxious I felt, how excited they were, and nervously waiting for the incredibly long school day to end! Anyone else feel like school is just too long sometimes? I'm sure I'll always just miss them no matter what.

It's been so amazing to watch them change in their own, unique ways. Growing and being influenced by others at school is both exciting and somewhat bittersweet for this mama. The world can be a scary place, and as I saw the older kids walk around the middle school, I wanted to cry. My boy is still so sweet and innocent in so many ways, I can only hope and trust what we've prepared him well.

This is going to be a wonderful school year, I just know it!