Colors of Fall + Family Hiking

It isn't often with ease these days that our family of four is able to rally together and make a day to the mountains happen. More often than not, we're battling someone's schedule or another, and things like this are pushed to the wayside. But this day, there was nothing on the books. I groggily woke at my usual 6am and debated whether or not it would be worth it to wake the whole house and try to head out early enough to beat the crowds. Hiking on a weekend when the weather is nice is like going to the mall during Christmas. No thank you. 

So I rolled out of bed, started the coffee, got myself dressed, then woke up each kid saying, "Wake up, let's go on an adventure!" They weren't sure about my plans just yet, but they dressed, brought down their hiking packs, and asked all the usual questions. Children are quite inquisitive.

We picked up breakfast on the way and found our spot. The fog and sun were battling on the drive in, but that's one of my favorite things - contradicting weather. The sun found it's way through as we started on the trail. It was one of the most amazing kid-friendly hikes ever. I truly love the color changes of the season, the cool mountain air, and that we discovered how much fun trail running is together. I ran trails in the Army and did in little spurts for fun when we were hiking, but the kids are now old enough to join in the fun with me. I commented on how great Kate was doing in keeping up and running alongside her brother and I. Her response was, "That's because I'm a hiker girl!" I'll never forget hearing her say that as she jumped side to side on the sloped trail as fast as she could.