Seattle Adventure

Over the years, I've realized that my personal photos were being shoved to deep dungeon of Lightroom, seldom to be seen, if ever edited. Sad. I used to take a lot of time to perfect each and every photo I took and empty out my catalog. But as time went on, work picked up and I simply didn't have the time to commit. Over the last year or so, I've perfected my editing flow to a point where I no longer seek perfection, but what I find to bring out the best. More importantly, I don't want to keep struggling to see or share our memories because I upload and leave them. What's the point of even taking the pictures then?

In an effort to reduce my Lightroom catalog, I'm slowly getting through personal pictures from the last three years. Yeah, THREE YEARS! *shake my head*

We took a couple of fun day trips to get out but not commit days to an adventure. At that time, we needed things to be a little more simple, yet fun. We don't explore Seattle often. We live 30 minutes south of the emerald city, but as my husband works there everyday now, and the crowds and traffic continue to get worse, we tend to shy away. Every now and again, though, we find ourselves with a desire to explore the city and find something new. We happened to pick a day of crazy weather day and beautiful fall colors, so we weren't disappointed one bit. If anything, it really added to the experience! We started out on the west side of the city, going up the beaches before heading back into downtown.

My babies look so little in these pictures compared to now, but I really love them. This ended up being one of the best day trips we had taken, and I still remember it fondly. I am thankful for my love of photography when I can look back and see moments like these, to see me with my children in photos and turning ordinary moments into beautiful memories. So here's to documenting our life story!

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