The Sweetest Simple Easter


I adore the Easter holiday. It reminds me of a sort of Thanksgiving in the springtime. The gardens are in bloom, the color green is brilliant and abundant, and my mind has fully, unapologetically wandered to life out of doors. There is family and friend time, a table full of delicious food, good wine, and ideally, an easy spirit.


After church with my Mother-in-law, baby girl fell asleep in the car, leaving the big kids anxious and having to be patient for our egg hunt. But as soon as those eyes fluttered open, it was on! Last year she was only 6 months old, so it’s so exciting to see the magic unfold with each thing we do. As soon as brother and sister ran to their baskets, Remy picked hers up, and promptly dumped it out! We couldn’t help but just laugh and rescue her eggs from hungry puppies.


Remy so often reminds me of the magic to be found in the little things, in the joy that is ever-present in little ones, and I find myself so unbelievably grateful for my children. From my oldest to my youngest, I encourage a light spirit of joy, of happiness, of fun, and of youthfulness; as a mother of a teen, I’m thankful to see it has worked, and I’m glad for each and every festivity he still wants to be apart of.


There was very little prep involved this year, but thankfully, everything came together, and I was so happy with how things turned out. Remy squeezed into a cute little jumper she won't fit into tomorrow, the big kids had their outfits in mind, and aside from the Easter basket treats, we got lucky to have everything else on hand for dinner and filling those eggs! Fruit snacks and a few chocolates, a roast ham dinner, and friends who brought homemade carrot cake filled our day so sweetly.


After dinner and dessert, the sun lingered a little longer and we headed to the garden to fill baskets for friends to take home. With early spring and overwintered greens and herbs, we had a good amount of treats to share! The kids happily played on their playground while the grown ups happily watched and slowly filled cars with things from the garden, food, and promises of doing it all again soon.

Until we meet again…Happy Easter!

Spring at Havenwood


“Spring won’t let me stay in the house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

- Gustav Mahler


About six new fruit trees to the property this spring, not including trees I’ve propagated (new growth from the peach and pear trees have been abundant!). Once the bare roots hit stores, I’m scooping them up left and right. In order to fill the acreage we have and to work toward sustainability (nothing rigid, just loosely increasing production and yields based on what is feasible during that time in my life and the season) I have to be increasingly mindful of how much I put out to improve and grow what I want. I’m constantly on the hunt for sales, what’s best to buy that time of year, where I’m buying, and so on. I have also become increasingly knowledgable in propagation, and patience, when growing from seed.

Spring around here is absolutely beautiful right now. Everything has bloomed about two weeks later than last year, but there’s an abundance from all the additions between now and then. From the fruit trees to bulb flowers to the vegetable garden, there’s something seemingly magical to be found in every corner. After a week of gloriously warm sunshine, the rain has come back. This morning, the kids and I bundled up to head outside during a little drizzly rain. We made it just before it poured, which was immediately followed heavy winds and sunshine. Spring is here at last!

We have many projects on our list for this year, and all I can really think about is continuing to improve the garden space, add as many trees as I can, and truly beautify the space. It’s a slow and steady process, but one I’m happy to commit to and invest in.

So Many Snow Days


The polar vortex of 2019 didn’t miss us like it seemed it would. Instead, we got a week of intense winter weather that rocked our state. It’s been a lot of fun to embrace the change, but it’s proved challenging after a full week of endless snow. Between not being able to get to work, losing power, stores running out of goods, and damage being done to buildings, enough is enough. Thankfully, we’re on the road to slightly higher temps and melting snow, and that has us all looking forward to spring!

I’ve been surprised at myself for having such a bad attitude toward the winter weather, I’m usually not so pessimistic. The first day of good snow excitedly found us outside with sleds, and Remy’s first trip down the slopes (although she wasn’t really the biggest fan, she preferred snowy walks). After that, I was struggling to pull myself out of a pool of negativity. I made myself do little things just for my own happiness and at least one thing interactive with my kids each day.

We baked a few things, watched a few movies, and read some books. But we also began a bible study of sorts, which proved to be my favorite thing of all. I’ve been looking for ways to have better conversations with my kids, more meaningful and engaging. My favorite church is the one where I feel most connected to life: out of doors. I honestly hadn’t thought before to do anything like it, but stumbled upon a series of mini lessons with overarching themes (time management, anger, self image, etc…). Again, to my surprise we’ve been enjoying it a lot, and we’ve had some of the best conversations this past week because of it.

I’m not sure what the future of this sort of thing will look like, but for now, I’m really enjoying this connection with my kids, and I hope it’s that part that will last.