Seattle Adventure continued

I live for time with my family. Uncomplicated, good, simple, fun family time. I was talking with a girl the other day about how our husbands interact with our children. She said hers still has some things to figure, things that don't come naturally to him. Their baby is a year and half old. I'm sure that's pretty typical, no judgment whatsoever. My husband, however, has been hands on since day one. He's been very much my partner, my teammate, and just there for us. Not a day goes by that I'm not incredibly grateful for that, because I know it's a blessing to have. When I see him interact with our kids, with other kids, when I think about him holding our daughter for the first time, I want a thousand beautiful babies with him. I've said it many times before, but there are moments etched in my mind that continue to hold that true.

While we don't plan on having any more kids, I love that our focus is on the two wonderful children we have. It's a crazy journey raising children. One that I often feel I fall short on, but I do love it nonetheless. I've been particularly intentional about how I am around them. Ensuring my examples are good, that I am patient, that I make efforts to connect and bond each day. It's not always easy. I go through phases of being very impatient, irritable, and just needing to be alone and not care for anyone or anything. But I work hard to not take those things out on anyone around me. Easier said than done, right?

So when I'm scrolling through pictures of our family like this - just after thinking I'm not taking enough or I'm not doing good enough - I'm reminded to relax. To give myself grace. To just chill. It's all going to be ok, don't overthink and worry about every tiny thing. Because Lord knows that I do! Classic over thinker here! 

I hope to make more effort again to take little trips like this. To enjoy kids being kids. To enjoy being next to my husband. To just enjoy the present moment. Also, all the fall vibes here *heart eyes emoji*.

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Seattle Adventure

Over the years, I've realized that my personal photos were being shoved to deep dungeon of Lightroom, seldom to be seen, if ever edited. Sad. I used to take a lot of time to perfect each and every photo I took and empty out my catalog. But as time went on, work picked up and I simply didn't have the time to commit. Over the last year or so, I've perfected my editing flow to a point where I no longer seek perfection, but what I find to bring out the best. More importantly, I don't want to keep struggling to see or share our memories because I upload and leave them. What's the point of even taking the pictures then?

In an effort to reduce my Lightroom catalog, I'm slowly getting through personal pictures from the last three years. Yeah, THREE YEARS! *shake my head*

We took a couple of fun day trips to get out but not commit days to an adventure. At that time, we needed things to be a little more simple, yet fun. We don't explore Seattle often. We live 30 minutes south of the emerald city, but as my husband works there everyday now, and the crowds and traffic continue to get worse, we tend to shy away. Every now and again, though, we find ourselves with a desire to explore the city and find something new. We happened to pick a day of crazy weather day and beautiful fall colors, so we weren't disappointed one bit. If anything, it really added to the experience! We started out on the west side of the city, going up the beaches before heading back into downtown.

My babies look so little in these pictures compared to now, but I really love them. This ended up being one of the best day trips we had taken, and I still remember it fondly. I am thankful for my love of photography when I can look back and see moments like these, to see me with my children in photos and turning ordinary moments into beautiful memories. So here's to documenting our life story!

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My trip to Maine

I still can't believe that after I had the surreal and incredible experience of hiking Labyrinth Mountain to capture a proposal, that same couple hired me to photograph their wedding in Maine. It felt like a lifetime, although in reality, it all happened rather quickly. Their engagement happened the tail end of July, their wedding was mid-October. I was honestly surprised that I was even able to make those dates happen, but I did, and I loved it!

Fast forward to October 15th and I had the day to clean the house, pack my bags, and do everything I could to ensure I was as prepared as humanly possible. Because being as prepared as possible and knowing as much as I can, alleviates my regular anxiety. And so it came. I was catching the red eye from the far West Coast to the far East Coast. Sitting for long periods of time is not my strong suit. My body physically hurt, and I hadn't been on a plane in a couple years (!!!). I know, I know, but we've been road tripping the U.S. mostly instead, so no complaints.

I arrived in Portland, Maine around 9am, grabbed a car, found some breakfast, and began my five day excursion. I had a two hour drive to the Inn I was staying at for two days, nearest the wedding venue, and I had nothing but time until then. It was incredible.

The first part of day 1 was spent in Cape Elizabeth. Where nearly every other home was decorated for autumn or Halloween, and it was all so beautiful. The homes carry a historic, charming, and elegant nature to them. I couldn't have loved it more! I was so distracted by all the neighborhoods and decor, it was surprising I didn't get lost - ha! I found my way around to visit two of their many lighthouses, stop at local shops, and once I hit the road for Mill Hill Inn, I stopped at State Parks and any beautiful area I found along the way.

From Portland to Newry, the drive was really incredible. I've learned that Maine drivers are so different than Washington drivers, and I was not complaining. They are much less aggressive and there aren't 100,000 going in the exact same direction at the exact same time. I liked that a lot! It almost seems like it was a lifetime away, although it was really only a few days. Next stop, Mill Hill Inn!

Summer beach cottage getaway

Family getaways are most definitely one of my favorite things to do. It doesn't matter where we go, it's always a good time. For nearly a month this summer, my niece got to stay with us + it was the greatest time ever! I love being an Aunt and spoiling babies rotten - but who doesn't?! Even more, I love having another kid around to play with my kids. I sure wish she lived closer, but I'll take what I can get. So as I'm sure you do in the summer months, we are trying to make the most of our weekends. But goodness, we've been really busy lately too. With full time school, work, and a home project list longer than we can manage, we've been pretty careful about balancing our work and play. Or so we think ;).

So as it goes, with my niece and other family here, we made the most of our time. Even though we were least productive for other things, we ensured they had a good time and got to see some of the beautiful Pacific Northwest! A weekend at the beach in a cute little cottage was definitely a good pick!

Have any other good summer, kid-friendly adventures? Let me know!