Summer beach cottage getaway

Family getaways are most definitely one of my favorite things to do. It doesn't matter where we go, it's always a good time. For nearly a month this summer, my niece got to stay with us + it was the greatest time ever! I love being an Aunt and spoiling babies rotten - but who doesn't?! Even more, I love having another kid around to play with my kids. I sure wish she lived closer, but I'll take what I can get. So as I'm sure you do in the summer months, we are trying to make the most of our weekends. But goodness, we've been really busy lately too. With full time school, work, and a home project list longer than we can manage, we've been pretty careful about balancing our work and play. Or so we think ;).

So as it goes, with my niece and other family here, we made the most of our time. Even though we were least productive for other things, we ensured they had a good time and got to see some of the beautiful Pacific Northwest! A weekend at the beach in a cute little cottage was definitely a good pick!

Have any other good summer, kid-friendly adventures? Let me know!