Not quite goodbye

Some of our dear friends have accepted a once in a lifetime offer, a sweet offer that moves their entire family from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to the midwest. In less than a month, they will be gone. In all honesty, aside from being the awesome people they are, they are our only friends with kids even close to our kids age. It's not just us losing our friends, it's our whole family.

It's always hard watching those you love leave, but we know they are doing what's best for them, and we have to support them. Plus, it really only means bigger and better road trips to visit them! We are all pretty darn excited for that part!

So as you would expect, we are spending AS MUCH possible time with them as we can. This was just the first of two days spent with them over the long weekend. It's really been the best ever! They are leaving their adorable little country house in the city, and I really wanted to capture some of it, as well as moments of our kids together.

It's these sweet moments we live for ya know. I've come to realize lately, that while we had great friendships early on in life (and some people get to keep those going), it's the ones later on, the ones that really grow with you - that make you cherish those around you. And I couldn't cherish these people more.

Best wishes on Memorial day and always. 

p.s., if you've never made homemade ice cream, the kind you shake in a bag + it only takes 5 minutes, you HAVE to try it!