Channeling Productivity :: Day 305

Kate picking out her clothes this morning. We opened one of her baby dolls we've left in packaging, the interest lasted about two seconds until she went to her bag of goodies, pulled things out one by one, "I have shoes. I have phone."

After getting things cleaned up, Alyx began his birdhouse project. He got some neat diy gifts from my parents for Christmas and we're finally getting around to them. He loved putting it together and painting. I was really surprised by his patience and reading what to do before jumping in.

Kate loves messing with Bear. You can almost see the pleading in his eyes, "Mom, please make her stop." Hahaa! He gets irritated at her sometimes, but he's good about it.

 We're coming up on the two month mark until Jeremy comes home. As wonderful as that is, I find myself slipping into a funk.. Where all my friends relationships with their husbands home, wears on me. I'm so ready to not be alone, to have him near, to do more. Having this week off from our routine for spring break probably isn't helping me at all. I really wanted to get out, have adventures, but different things held me back, and so far we haven't. If the weather perks up, we'll certainly take advantage of the last few days. 

I was so happy to hear from Jeremy today, it seems our communication has been more and more scarce lately. That certainly wears on me as well. I was being super productive all day, so I sat down while talking to him and outlined a to-do list for us when he comes home, and things for me to work on now too. As silly as it sounds, I love that aspect of us. Our ability to come together seamlessly for whatever ideas the other has, mend our goals, and work together is one of my favorite things.
I really can't wait for June!!