Not So Bad :: Day 306

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Getting to talk to him was the highlight of my day! I made a special 'Happy Birthday' blog post for him, check it out :). I sent him a care package, which arrived in time, and he has a few things waiting here - we decided we'll celebrate our birthdays when he's home.

The rain has put a huge damper on the end of our spring break. I've been looking so forward to hiking and getting out while we had so much free time. Work took up the first half of the week, and seemingly, the only bit of sunshine we got. I've definitely made use of the time at home, but I'm super hopeful for a drastic change in the forecast in the next few days, especially because my session this weekend was rescheduled due to rain too.

Kate loves to help me with laundry. I quickly BBQ'd up some brats for lunch, and got thumbs up for it! They're so darn cute!

We did get a short break from rain today, so Alyx busted out his Foam-inator.

Cozying up with Alyx and Kate at the end of the day is by far my favorite time of day with these little ones. We worked our tails off all day long, so it was much deserved by this time. I love all the faces Kate makes :).


Earlier this afternoon Kate came up to me asking for a muffin (she is referring to the lemon cupcakes I made). I told her not right now since they're pretty messy when eaten by a two year old. A moment later, she walks through the living room, muffin in hand, out the front door to where Alyx is playing, and says, "I go outside, ok?" Hahaa! How are my kids so grown up already? Too much longer and I'll be beside myself. I'm so glad I take way to many pictures of them now.