stupid, dumb, long, miserable, stupid days :: Day 304

Happiness is... beautiful blossoms in my yard. Our yellow plum tree blossomed overnight yesterday. That was glorious to wake up to. And the apple tree is on its way!


The cherry blossom tree is still showing off its beautiful blooms. I just LOVE it!

My pup was admiring the tree while I was taking pictures of it, isn't he cute!? :)

...and this beauty has finally made its debut! I am thrilled this plant does so well. It's probably my favorite (at least until I get roses :)).

I don't know the words to say how I feel right now - at least nothing that hasn't been said over and over, expressing my desire to have him near - I simply want to touch him. I picture myself holding his hand, sitting next to him while he drives us, touching his face, running my hands through his hair, or just looking into his eyes. There would be no need for words then; we would simply know by looking at one another. Jeremy would know how great of a man I think he is, how wonderful my life is with him, what an amazing father I think he is. I think of his smile and his wonderful laugh, the way he looks at me, his touch, the feel of his warmth - I crave it. They're insatiable feelings and desires that nothing can compare, nothing will do. We've been so long without one another. By no means am I complaining, this was a choice made by us both, but that doesn't mean I want him any less, that doesn't mean I miss or worry about him any less.

From his most recent day home.