Relief :: Day 229

Relief is starting to slowly set in. I feel less anxious day to day, and more relieved at the prospect of Jeremy being home so soon. I must admit, this is one of the best feelings I've had since he's been gone. Just knowing that everything I dream about as I fall asleep each night, is soon going to be happening.

Today was a pretty good day. Most days seem to be lately. I like things like this. Realizing and changing things about yourself have such a strong impact on not only yourself, but those around you. I see it in my kids the most. I'm grateful for my ability to recognize and face my faults.

I picked up a pizza stone at target today, so I made a homemade pizza. It was quite delicious. I was texting Jeremy the entire time, and asked him if he would hang out with me in the kitchen while I'm cooking and talk about anything and everything. He said as long as he got to taste test, and put jalapenos on the pizza, it was a deal :). I love that man!

Less than three weeks. I want to drive to the airport now! I asked Jeremy's brother, Chris if he'd want to be apart of Jeremy's homecoming, and take photos of us. I figured he'd have to take the time off from work, so I offered to pay him. I wanted to hire a photographer anyway, and would be paying either way, so I don't mind. Chris was going to photograph the photo booth at my business anniversary party, but after not getting the client base I was hoping for to attend (which is kind of the point), I cancelled it. As much as I love to celebrate things, and spend time with friends, Kate's second birthday party will be the following weekend at home, so we'll be seeing most of the same people there, and I won't have put out the extra money to fund the event room and decor. 

I can't believe our little girl will be two next month! Alyx will be nine in September. Where does the time go? Thank God for my camera to catch their growing up and our life along the way.

I was looking through the earlier posts of this blog, only to realize that I started blogging on one I used for my photography (which was not very good, so please be nice). I was looking for the pictures from when Jeremy first left for Iraq. I hadn't realized it was so long ago. Anyway, here is the link to that one.