We Want Snow :: Day 228

During the day, I spend time working with photos, website, emails, bills, etc.. Since my computer is stuck only having internet in Kate's room, we spend most of the morning, until lunch time, there. It works out great because she gets to play while I get to put some time in for work. We take breaks to read books, clean up messes, and play together. You never really know what she's going to do... For Christmas, Grandma Koch got Kate a huge kit of hair ties and kits, which are all kept in the bag they came in. Kate likes to take this bag and dump its entire contents to the floor, making this huge mess. It's a daily thing for her though. She'll ask for multiple clips in her hair, take them all out, but them in again, it's pretty cute. So when I looked over from what I was doing, she had put all these ties on her wrist (she usually tries to put them on me).

Getting tired... We've taken to napping together on the couch in the afternoon. I really cherish that time with her, as I know it won't last long.

Like most kids, she doesn't want to admit when she's tired or give in to laying down with me. I always tell her she either lays down with me, or in her own bed. I always win :).

Then we pick up little man from school and we head back home. We stopped for a late lunch and then went home to cuddle and watch a movie. It's been a little while since we've done that, and we all needed the relaxation.

But not before some play time outside.

Kate loves untying her shoes. So cute!!

We're down to three weeks! Aaaah, I'm so excited!