Excitement :: Day 230

We've long awaited receiving the official word that Jeremy's leave is all set to go. Flights booked, dates secured, he is coming home for good. Well, today, we got it! I can't begin to even explain the feelings that washed over me. Most of it, however, is disbelief. Disbelief that after eight months of being apart, he will finally be here again. I know this is only leave, only three weeks, but when you haven't had any time at all, three weeks might as well be six months! We played it out so that while we would suffer through the worst half in the beginning, since it would be the longest, the second half will be much shorter. Once leave is through, we'll have less than four months until the deployment is over for good! I did the same thing for my leave in Iraq, and it really helps get through it. I can't wait!

The weather has been bitter cold. Lots of fog, very little rain, and no snow :(. We really want snow! I've been super exhausted lately from Kate not sleeping so well, so the hopeful plans to head to the mountains for some sledding, just isn't happening while I'm so tired and with it being a good distance to drive. Soon though!

We've had a lot of cuddle time and soup lately. I love it! Since Alyx has three days off from school this weekend, we'll surely find ourselves outdoors, we need it bad!

Just over two weeks babe! That's it!! We got this! Muah!