I Miss You :: Day 51

There are those days when I could really use a kind person to cross my path. While I wasn't in a bad mood or anything, after having a wonderful conversation with Jeremy prior to getting out for my errands of the day, I found myself a little overwhelmed about the little things. 

I was walking through the store imagining having Jeremy with me and what would be different with him, and I was really missing him being here. I suppose that in the end, we have a far greater appreciation for one another.

Overall, we had a great day. Talking to Jeremy made my heart leap and we looked at houses together and talked about our plans. Even being a world away, he helped me with my packaging for work, picked out my lunch (knowing already what I would have in the fridge), told me how to open a wine bottle (with a cork that's pressed all the way in) with out breaking the corkscrew like we've done in the past, and talked about how excited we are to finally begin our wedding planning.

We had a relatively nice, relaxing day in July that felt like October. We wore jackets most of the day! Brrrr!

After coming back from the store this afternoon, Alyx comes running inside telling me to grab my camera, I have to get a picture of this! I look out the living room window and find this little fella resting on our neighbor's fence. I've never seen any squirrels or anything other than annoying birds around our yard. Love the city living turned country :).

After a minute of being in the car and on the road, our princess was fast asleep.

Almost every day, Alyx comes down stairs from his room in the morning with something he hasn't played with in a while. Lately it's been his pogo stick - today it was all of the teddy bears in the house. He asked to take them in the car, so both kids had one on the drive and at the first red light, he tells me to look back, and this is what I find. With as mature as Alyx can often be, I love seeing his little boy side, especially when he's so sweet.

While I prepared dinner, Kate was hungry, so I gave her pieces of the rotisserie chicken as I pulled it apart. After chicken came the strawberries I bought today. Out of two pounds, I'm pretty sure she ate at least one! When she has an appetite, she sure lets me know. She would walk up to me for a piece of food, walk away eating it, then come back for more when she finished. So cute!

My favorite meal :). I'm rarely hungry for dinner when I cook Tijuana Chicken, because I eat while I'm cooking. I'm pretty sure I've been doing this same thing since I was about 10 years old helping my mom make this family recipe.

My little kitchen helper! ...and still more strawberries. This is her 'I know you're taking pictures mom, but I'm not looking as long as you're holding it up' face. 

We love and miss you babe!
Can't wait for you to come home and for us to continue the house search together, I'm so excited to really get started!!! Thank you for making our dreams happen.