Sunshine :: Day 52

I regret to inform you that I didn't take many photos today, although I did think about it! Hahaa, as if that counts, right?! Anyway, after a cancelled doctor's visit, I did a little shopping before stopping at my mom's to pick up the kids and then head back home. Today was the first nice day in awhile, and what did I do? Laundry. Yep, that's right. I didn't even cook, we ate left overs out on the patio, and by the time that was over, the kids were ready to prepare for bed. 

I've been dreaming of California a lot these days, but I guess I always do. I think I just miss the beach though. I haven't been since the last time with Jeremy and we usually go once a month or so. When the sunny and warm days are around, I think of all of the great things I could go do, and then I kind of let it fade off from there and I end up doing things like laundry.

I can't exactly remember what plant this is (I suppose I could just look at the tag), but we planted this about a year or two ago and this is the first time it has bloomed. It's one of those plants that I wouldn't have expected to flower, but they're so pretty! I miss our yard work together. Is that ridiculous?

These are the annual plants your mama gave me a while ago, and while a lot of it is dying off, it's still alive! The geraniums she gave me that are in the kitchen window are two years going strong! I love seeing all of the work we've done around our house still working out so beautifully. From the pleasure of enjoying the back patio, to walking through the arbor, all the plants, and of course, the feeling of comfort and us all around when at home.

Kate helping me fold laundry! She takes clothes out of the pile and throws them all over the place, including the clothes I just folded.

Last night at dinner was the first time she participated in praying with Alyx and I. She extended her hand for me to hold, started baby talking, and even said 'amen' once. Tonight, she held my hand the entire time, baby talked, and said 'amen' a few times. There's no mistaking it either! She is seriously the most amazing baby I've ever met!

Kate gets into the kitchen cabinet that has the fortune cookies from Chris in it, well now she wants to eat them. After opening it for her, I read her fortune, and couldn't believe how fitting it was!
'You will soon be going on a short road trip with lots of fun activities.'

Can't wait for it to be with you. I love you babe!