Alyx + Kate :: Day 3

Yesterday was a remedy better than any doctor could've prescribed. I had a rough week prior, so I was in need of a little 'me' time and to rest with my babies, followed by some good times with friends - all of which we got yesterday, and I'm very thankful for the opportunity. With that, I wasn't able to get my post up last night of my babies, so here they are...

This was Kate's first time getting to walk around the park (with mom's assist) and play on more than just a swing and going down the slide not being on someone's lap. It was so cute as she giggled when she walked around or when she sat on the bouncy duck things and she would bounce a little trying to get it to move, and then when she would watch her big brother. The love and bond between them is so beautiful and amazing, and is an unbelievable blessing.

Alyx is so full of energy and life and he loves to play hard. I couldn't ask for a more intelligent, energetic, fun, loving, sweet, sensitive little boy than him. He is truly one of a kind and while he knows how to push buttons, he is growing quicker than I could've ever imagined. He is my pride and joy and I'm so excited to see the man he will become some day - but he can take his time! :)

We were given the opportunity to spend the day together, so after much lounging during the morning, we headed to the park to enjoy the bright shining sun. We quickly learned the wind chill had us leave sooner than we wanted, but lead us right to some hot cocoa. It's such a joy to spend time with my kids and see their smiles, hear thoughts, and to see them interact with one another is beyond any feeling I could ever really describe.

Last night once we got home from our dinner with some friends, they both went right to bed. After winding down for a little while, I did my nightly rounds of peeking in on them before I went to sleep. Every moment I get to see my children is a true blessing in life that I treasure more than anything in the world, but when I see their precious little faces in blissful, restful sleep fills me full of calm, peacefulness. Seeing them lets me know that for just one moment in the world, everything is good, and right, and will be ok. I love Alyx and Kate with all my heart and soul - I would do anything for them and I will continue striving to give them the best life possible.