Alyx + Kate :: Day 4

I heard last week that we were to expect snow this Sunday, however, I was skeptical since we've had more and more sunshine as of late. Then I noticed a lot of people were starting to talk about it snowing in different parts of Washington today, but Tacoma is usually the last to get any - until I opened the door this afternoon and there it was.

Alyx was so excited he ran out the door and stuck out his tongue :).

We had so much fun playing in the snow during the snow storm this winter, the first thing he said was how excited he is to get out and play in it again!

Once I opened the door, Alyx immediately ran out, and Kate stood by the door admiring the falling snowflakes. After a moment of watching her big brother run around outside, she got down on all fours and crawled right out the door. Kate is blessed to have such a loving big brother, because he ran up the porch and scooped her right up!

 The snowflakes were pretty big and falling fast, but that didn't stop him!

Kate was headed right back out to get her brother. The love they share makes my heart melt.

On top of creating this blog for Jeremy while he's deployed, I've decided to do my best to also make it a blog representing their life. I take an abundance of pictures of them throughout our journeys, adventures, and daily life. Some day I won't be here and aside from my archival of photos, keeping an organized online journal is a way for my kids to someday see and read what we've done during times they may not remember the way I do. 
For Alyx and Kaydence - you two are my world, my everything and while I'm not always the best, I most certainly try and I hope and pray that you grow to be respectable, well-rounded people that always have a great relationship with me, as well as the rest of the people in your world. Life goes by so quickly and as you get older, you'll start to feel that like I do now. Love and embrace life and love with everything that you are. Be something and make a difference where it counts. More than anything in this life, don't waste it. Just know that no matter what happens in our lives, you can always come home and even more than that, you can always come to me. 
I love you forever, Mom.