Alyx + Kate :: Day 1

I'm beginning this timeline of the next year, starting today, to capture my children, Alyx and Kate. They are currently 7 years old and 1 year old. Their dad, Jeremy, has left for a deployment that is keeping him in Alabama for 10 weeks and then Afghanistan for one year. He left February 20th, the day before Kate's birthday. Since being away from your kids and missing their special moments and watching them grow is a time that you can NEVER get back or replace, I'm doing the next best thing - posting one photo per day of them (or every other day), so in a way their dad doesn't miss them growing up while he's away. 

Our daughter, Kate, just turned one yesterday and after doing a quick little photo shoot of her today, I couldn't believe how quickly time has gone by and how much she has grown. Even more so, I can't believe that I have personally been here to watch her grow every day. Before my own eyes I have seen her fresh from my womb to the crawling, active little girl she is today. I heard this song on the radio today that stopped my in my tracks and had me in awe of how it related to how I was feeling, I'll add a link below, as well as one more that I know that explains more. It's amazing to see them grow, develop, and become who they are going to be. It's a hard reality to face as a parent, even more so when you're fully aware of that time. I treasure each and every moment with them and I will never take it for granted, no matter how crazy they drive me :). 

After having a few deployments of my own and dealing with the difficulties of missing out on a lot of time from my first child, it changed my life - so much in fact that when we were expecting our second child, I honorably discharged from the military to be with my kids. Doing that, however, brought unexpected changes in our lives and required even more sacrifice - taking my husband overseas. He is the reason I've started this and I hope you all enjoy the changes to come. These kids mean everything to me, and so does their dad. It's never easy raising kids alone and being with out the one you love, but we're determined to make the best of it! Here's to them!