When you realize just how blessed you are | Long Beach, Wa

July 2014 | Long Beach, WA

We tried to be responsible - honest. But really, we were just itching to go. We woke up Sunday morning, everyone in a clouded funk, going through the motions, listing out our chores for the day. Finally we looked at each other and admitted we didn't want to do any of it. Ok, let's go... and away we went!

In less than one hour, we were on the road headed for the coast.

We camped out in our Dolphin for one night.

We had sand in unmentionable places... and I would do it all over again.

Satiating our desire for a little adventure, we stayed at a beloved vintage campground. You won't get much privacy there, but you'll meet the friendliest people. An honor system store inside their lodge and another honor system thrift store in a vintage trailer, regulars out back in their campers, dogs running around, and sounds of the ocean reminding you just how great a place it is.

We left blue skies and 90 degrees for overcast, sprinkling rain, and 60 degree mugginess - and it was the best. I made a good dinner, the husband made a good breakfast and we cuddled together and let contentedness wash over us all. By morning we eased into the day, not rushing for anything, and eventually found our way to the beach. My guy went surf perching, and the babes and I hung out in the sand dunes. I wasn't as prepared as I would've liked to be for their entertainment, I felt a momentary heaviness, fearing this wouldn't be any fun because the kids would get bored fast. I learned a valuable lesson in that moment. Thinking I would take them back to the camper and hang out for a few hours while dad fished, we found a spot in the sand to get cozy in for a bit. Two hours later, I was pulling them away. We don't usually need much. Just each other and we'll be okay. I'm so thankful - Alyx and Kate reminded me how blessed I am, to enjoy the little moments, and that it's always what we make of it.