Decorations :: Day 179

After initially deciding I wanted NOTHING to do with the holidays this year, I've managed a little. I happily participated in Thanksgiving with the Koch family, and now we've busted out a few Christmas decorations to get the magic and spirit flowing!

We still might go to a Christmas tree farm (for pictures), but honestly, how am I going to cut down a tree and tie it to my jeep roof? Honestly, I probably could, but there are just some of Jeremy's jobs I REFUSE to do! Come on now! 

Alyx was pretty darn happy to have Christmas around! The first thing he went for was his santa hat, he was so darn happy! Kate is going to get one next! Yay!

These silly kids! I love them to pieces!

If you can't tell, Kate took a good 30 seconds to watch what her brother was doing and made sure to copy him in posing for the "cheese." 

Finding the rest of the goodies :). Of course, the infamous box of decorations are MIA. Darn it!

And lastly, after Alyx cleaned his room tonight, he handed me this note. I had asked him if he wanted to make a list early today, and he said no. So I was a little surprised, humbled, and proud of my little guy, when I read it. He's the sweetest kid in the world. Hands down. Christmas is going to be much different with out Jeremy here, but we're going to keep the spirit alive. And if nothing else, I just don't want to let my kids down. I don't want them to lose the love and joy of the holidays because I'm sad. I thank God for them every day!

We're almost there baby. One day closer. Muah!