Skype with Daddy :: Day 178

Skyping with daddy today. It's been months, and we're all so happy to see Jeremy's face for the first time in so long! We take what we can get :).

Kate got her turn after dad and I got through formalities. Then she got ahold of phone and showed her dad her awesome skills. She's such a big girl!

Then dad was trying to get her to do things he started with her when he was home (then 15 months old, now 22 months). They play the stinky foot game, he taught her to share, starting at three months old, and she puts her snacks to his mouth on the computer screen, it's so precious!

Dad asked her where her baby was. When you do that, she'll usually get excited and go find her baby, then bring it back to you. This time, I got it for her, and was greeted with this happiness :).

One day closer.