I Work Out! :: Day 9

The sun was shining, the skies were blue, the temperature was pleasantly warm, and my babies were happy. You can't complain about that! I'm constantly reminded about how blessed we are in our life, with the simple things that we're so used to, like our happy kids. I'm surprised at how many people comment about that day to day. I suppose they're inheriting our zest for life :).

This is Alyx's very last week of school as a first grader! I can't believe how quickly time has gone by and how much he's grown and learned this year. We're very excited for summer and all that it holds; including The Y daily, football, cub scouts, trips to the ocean, and lots of hiking!

After school today, the kids and I went to the gym and it felt so good to be back and get a good work out - It's been far too long! It was awesome to be able to bring my kiddos along and allow them to enjoy themselves as well! Alyx played basketball and racquet ball, he got a pretty good work out in too! Kate went into the nursery, I was nervous leaving her, but she found a little piano-like baby toy that caught her attention and she played with it until I left. When I picked her up, she was sitting in one of those Fisher Price car toys that you move with your feet, the girl who brought her to me told me she was shy. I couldn't help but smile. I'm so glad that she was so happy and has an opportunity to interact with other small children.

Kate has been so sweet giving hugs and kisses! I love how cuddly these two are!


I didn't get it right, but they were both making pouty faces.

Alyx reads so incredibly well now. I love his little voice, and his temperament with Kate while she puts her fingers all over the place, and (right after this moment) she stood up and laid her head on the blanket  on the back of the couch and kept falling all over him!

Another day down! We can't wait to hear from you babe and hope everything is going well. We hope to make you proud this year! Love you always! XOXO