A Sunny Day :: Day 8

Today was the first nice, sunny day we've had in a while! Of course, we didn't have any extravagant plans for today, so instead we had a nice and slow morning. Then we hit up an informative meeting for Alyx to start football in the fall, followed by TONS of yard work, and finally dinner on the back patio. It was a nice day in all, but of course, one where we felt Jeremy's absence stronger than ever. We actually got to talk for a few minutes this afternoon. He's in Kuwait and waiting for his flight to Baghram. I look forward to him getting settled wherever he's going since it should make communication easier and he'll have an opportunity to rest and begin the journey that will eventually bring him back home! :)

It is so adorable that Kate now likes to blow on her own food when it's time to eat. Today despite blowing on her own food, she wanted her bubba to blow on it as well. They were being so incredibly adorable! 

Oh the faces our children make!

My day lilies have finally bloomed! They are so lovely, and my gardens are doing well :). I spent about three hours outside weed eating and mowing our lawn, and somehow despite my best efforts, my handi-yardwork isn't comparable to when Jeremy does it! How does that happen?! OH! And the plums are growing beautifully as well! Mmmm, can't wait!

My Mother's Day flowers are still holding their lovely color, hopefully I can revive them and make 'em last like my geraniums that have bloomed again and going on two years! Not bad for an annual plant :).

Alyx loves to help get Kate ready when we need to head out the door. Today once we were done with our errands, we came home and got ready to work outside, and for the second time he put her shoes on backwards! I'm not sure if he's speeding along and not paying attention, as usually he knows the correct feet. I couldn't help but think it was cute anyway!