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My Holiday Gift Guide 2014

So, I wasn't going to do a gift guide this year. Honestly, there's nothing I could think of off the top of my head that I needed. However, we all have a few things we want, and I managed to find a few. Without further adieu, here is my 2014 wish list.

1. I'm a huge fan of snail mail. Embrace the tangible, meaningful element of letter writing with this cute set.
2. I can't get enough home decor. This hoop is a unique element that matches our style perfectly.
3. Admittedly, I lost my swoon worthy engagement ring over a year ago :(. We used my Grandma's inherited ring when we were married. I would love a unique, yet simple ring to wear daily.
4. I am in need of a new wood cutting board. This company's is my favorite.
5. This is the Pacific Northwest, and while I'm learning to dress in many warm layers, a new beanie is always a need!
6. We'll throw these wooden spoons in with the cutting board :).
7. I have been out of the loop with jewelry this past year. I love a few pieces I can wear daily. These earrings are something different, but I'm a fan!
8. A necklace to wear regularly.
9. Always adding new recipes can be messy. I love my Grandma's cookbook, but this box and cards would be a great solution for new ones.

Amy Nelson Art & Design GIVEAWAY

Hello again sweet friends! Today Amy Nelson is offering my readers this print as a giveaway! What a sweet treat for the upcoming holiday! I love LOVE her work!

Simply check out her etsy store, then leave a comment below with your favorite print.

...and that's it!
Winner will be announced Dec 9th!

p.s. I won't mind one bit if you share this :)
p.p.s. this is my most favorite print, I can't wait to hang it one on our wall!

The winner is Stephanie from Adventures of an Artist, Wife, and Mom! Thank you all who participated, and stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway again in January! Happy holidays friends :).

something to wish for

I would say my wish list this year is a bit unique compared to most years. Mostly because our needs are met and our home is small, therefore, we could bear to get rid of more things. However, that doesn't eliminate all desire for new things. Most things I would like to incorporate into our home, are things I want to make - new furniture pieces that will fit more appropriately, and wall decor from our adventures, my own prints. I've been more and more selective about what I print and how I display it (frames can be so expensive, so I've been searching for alternative creative means. DIY). Next, I'll share things for the kiddos, and items that I've already purchased to be added under the tree this year :).

Holidays become increasingly more meaningful when you have kids. I want them to understand the value of such days, and learn to genuinely appreciate them. Past years we have gone all out for them. A lot of that can be credited to missing out during deployments. Since then, we've realized we were getting away from what these seasons truly mean. While we still love to give gifts, we ensure they are more meaningful. They are selected with care, needed, and are useful - which is why I found it fun to create this little list. Thinking about the things we all really want or need, I hope eliminates things that get left in drawers once the excitement passes. All while bringing us closer together as a family and learning these values as a whole.

Something to wish for: First, a darling tea towel and recipe card set. I've been incorporating new recipes into our meal plans, and since I do much research online and fuse many together at once, if I don't write it down, I'll likely never remember. These would be so cute to add to my grandmother's book! When I make bread I use all kinds of random towels to cover the dough, this tea towel would be perfect.

Something you need: our kitchen is in need of a new cutting board, and finding quality wood products can be costly, which is why I love these items: this small cutting boardthis larger one, and these wooden spoons.

Something to wear: Learning to dress appropriately in the winter here in the PNW has made all the difference in my life. I enjoy the outdoors here so very much, and all year round when I'm smart about it! This knit beanie is fantastic - maybe I'll learn to knit sometime! :)

Another something to wish for: I have a lot of bags for different things. With the amount of road trips we take, condensing the things I have into one accessible and fashinonable bag will be the most reasonable for me. Most of my bags are tote-like, and fall open, others are too small (like my purse). I really like this one, it reminds me of a similar denim one when I was a teenager and traveling with my dad.

And lastly, something to read: the Kinfolk table - well, you really can't go wrong with a well written and photographed cook book, can you?

What's on your Christmas wish list? Share yours below!
And don't forget to enter into the giveaway!

gift giving

If you're like me, 'tis the season for gift giving, needing a little pick me up, celebrating loved ones, and all these sweet holidays (a little early holiday shopping can't hurt either!). The right handmade gift can be such a tender thing to send those you choose to go through life with. Especially those distant family members and friends, what a treasure to know you put in so much extra effort and thought!

To get you started, I shared some of my current etsy favorites, all of these are sold by people who's work I have researched and admire or have purchased from before or who have been recommended to me by someone I trust. They hit every price point and occasion with super sweet hand drawn images and beautiful quotes.

This precious little shop can be found here. To add even more to the holiday spirit of giving, use coupon code RKR20 to receive 20% off now through Nov 30, 2013! Hurry now to get them for in time for the holidays!