jeremy and rikki

He Remembered

January 2015 | Wallace Falls

I believe in sentiment. It's inevitably a part of our human nature, and I live for it. Sentiment, however,  cannot be made, not really anyhow. It's how we felt at a specific time in our lives that keeps our hearts beating a little faster when we think about it. It's how a fragrance can take you back to a certain time. It's when you remember something your husband did, and you can't resist falling in love with him time and again. Moments are everything. Like the time he proposed... and I said no. Like the time he sent me a key to his house, letting me know there was a place for me there. Like the times he reaches for my hand and we stay that way for hours. Like the feeling of when we said "I do," and felt like we were the only two people in that moment.

We selfishly celebrate our two anniversaries now. The day we proclaim we fell in love. And the day we wed. Until we married, we celebrated the first anniversary every year. Not with gifts, of course, but with experiences together. The same now goes for our wedding anniversary. So for our "fell in love" anniversary, he planned a camping trip and hike to a new place - just the two of us. We brought our pups, packed into our little Dolphin, and hit the road much later than planned. We took some wrong turns, got stuck a few times, and laughed about it. We hiked through sunshine and fog, reached heights that gave way to the most beautiful views and waterfalls. We stopped along the river and just watched it flow. We stopped in a small town for food and drinks on the way there and back, and I'll be damned if that wasn't one of the best parts of that weekend. Sitting at a small table just the two of us is something I greatly cherish.

I don't show him enough, but I am lucky to call him mine. To be loved so greatly loved by him is one of the best things to have ever happened to me. To love him in return is another. This year we celebrated 7 years of being crazy in love. How lucky are we?!

That PNW outdoor livin'

Elbe Hills | October 2014

I am by no means a hunter or fisherman, it's just not really my thing. I really appreciate it though, and being married to a man who is passionate about those things, I understand the value in what they do. There's nothing I love more than active hobbies that draw out passion.

While I don't go on these sort of trips with him often, we make time when we can to do these things together, to share in each other's hobbies. I love the outdoors, and hunting is kind of like a good hike for me, so it works pretty well. And walking up river hand in hand, I'm not sure it gets much better. We leave the crowds of the popular fishing spot in search for something quieter. Aaah, he knows me :).

There's something to be said about the art of what goes into hobbies like this. Watching Jeremy perfect tying knots, predicting what bait works best, and throwing out that perfect cast - you can't deny the talent therein. I may not love his weekends away or really early mornings sometimes, but I really don't mind when I know this is what he's doing. It's a total reset from city life. To top it off, I love seeing him really happy too. When he comes home and walks through the door with that wild air clinging to him and mud soaked boots and big smile on his face, that's Pacific Northwest living at its finest.

Oktoberfest in Leavenworth

Oktober fest in  Leavenworth, WA | October 2014

I had never been to Oktoberfest before, so when a couple emailed me about regretting not hiring me for their wedding last fall, and wanted to do an anniversary shoot in the place they got married, I jumped all over it!

My husband and I had the weekend without kids, so we planned to make the trip a mix of business and pleasure. Unfortunately, I got hired last minute for a wedding the very next day! So we changed our plans and left at 5:30 in the morning for the 3 hour drive to Leavenworth. We stopped at our favorite spots along the way, made friends with horses and fed them our apples, then walked along downtown to take in the little Bavarian town before the crowds rolled in.

Our morning walk took us from one side of town to another. We found a little dirt road that lead to animal trails and rocks to climb on (which we did, of course). Slowly strolling back, enjoying the fall colors, we stopped for German sausages and beer before meeting with my clients.

We discovered a beautiful riverside park tucked behind the main streets of town and enjoyed the quiet  together. My husband was ecstatic to watch the salmon moving up river to spawn. It's pretty cute to see his excitement!

From town, we stopped along the Icicle River before ending at one my favorite lakes as the sun went down over a styled picnic. I wish every photo shoot/road trip was just like this, it was so fun! I'm ready to get back there though and enjoy time with my hubby again! I need to get as many hikes in before the cold scares me inside (I'm working on that).

I married that boy

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. 
-Mignon McLaughlin

September 1, 2013 | Gig Harbor, WA

I honestly cannot believe that one year has passed since this day already. Since the day I finally married this man. We went down a really rocky road to get to this point in our relationship, 5 years in to be exact. I appreciated our time together before marriage however. Because even though most people say nothing really changes, I felt a change. I became his wife. He became my husband. That spoke to me. It said a lot.

It still does say a lot.

As the old saying goes, our first year of marriage has been a rough one. Not because we had a hard time compromising when we moved in together (that was years before marriage for us), but simply that a lot of life happened in that first year. From loss to family troubles, relational issues, and overwhelming responsibility - we really faced a lot of challenge. There was even a decent phase where we were turning against one another instead of turning toward each other. It was not pleasant.

I've done a lot of growing in our first year of marriage, and today, I couldn't love my husband more. I do believe that things happen for a reason, and although that's probably the most frustrating statement ever, I've learned that without certain things happening, we wouldn't be where we are now. I do my best to live right now and try my best to be in the now. Not only that, I've made an active effort to be the best me throughout this year.

I love thinking back to our wedding day. All the effort and time spent on that one day was worth every single bit of it. Even more, I still get all warm and fuzzy when I hear other people talk about how much they loved it! I'm already planning an adventure-styled shoot representing even more of who we are, to celebrate us.

I also want to credit our day to the things and people who really made it the best. Our parents, for being so much apart of every step. Our officiant, Tricia, who was honestly just the sweetest. She loved us so well (and had only met her just before), accepted our invite to stay at the reception and even spoke as we opened the floor after our wedding party. Next was our DJ. I really had no idea how imperative a DJ was to a wedding, but he made our entire day flow from one part to the next and kept the mood light and fun. DJ Dave even kicked off some Cupid Shuffle for us! We loved him!

I could go on, but at the end of the day, we will keep working on our marriage every day and making it work for ourselves and each other. Anniversary road trip pictures coming soon!

Happy Anniversary my love. I'm having a great time doing life with you. I love you.

How He Won My Heart | Nevada

It wasn't until I was telling Jeremy for the billionth time that I was ready for a big life change. I just had to go. The last time I told him that, his response was, "Baby, if something is wrong and you need to go, we can go together. Whatever it is, we can fix it and when we're done, we can go home."

We set the date after that and were married last fall.

The motto in our relationship has been to work hard and play harder. We live by that. We may have to wait until our days off, we may have to plan more than we care to, we may have more home projects than we can finish, therefore leaving our house in a permanent state of remodeling. We might only get to do a day adventure and stay close to home, and we might have to deal with our kids in a way that keeps us from going where we want. In the end though, we make a plan together, even if it's simply leaving the house together and we figure things out after that. Sometimes we just pick a place and go there, explore everything we can along the way.

It's not glorious world traveling, I may not get on an airplane as frequently as I'd like, I may not see the world wonders as soon as I want, but... this is life. It's my life. It's your life. And sometimes, we get to intertwine and we live some of it together. We will still do things to make ourselves happy right now. When we get the chance, we'll do things to make ourselves even happier. For me, that's traveling and living out of my backpack someday. This is the life we chose and the life we live, why not live it?