Spring at Havenwood


“Spring won’t let me stay in the house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

- Gustav Mahler


About six new fruit trees to the property this spring, not including trees I’ve propagated (new growth from the peach and pear trees have been abundant!). Once the bare roots hit stores, I’m scooping them up left and right. In order to fill the acreage we have and to work toward sustainability (nothing rigid, just loosely increasing production and yields based on what is feasible during that time in my life and the season) I have to be increasingly mindful of how much I put out to improve and grow what I want. I’m constantly on the hunt for sales, what’s best to buy that time of year, where I’m buying, and so on. I have also become increasingly knowledgable in propagation, and patience, when growing from seed.

Spring around here is absolutely beautiful right now. Everything has bloomed about two weeks later than last year, but there’s an abundance from all the additions between now and then. From the fruit trees to bulb flowers to the vegetable garden, there’s something seemingly magical to be found in every corner. After a week of gloriously warm sunshine, the rain has come back. This morning, the kids and I bundled up to head outside during a little drizzly rain. We made it just before it poured, which was immediately followed heavy winds and sunshine. Spring is here at last!

We have many projects on our list for this year, and all I can really think about is continuing to improve the garden space, add as many trees as I can, and truly beautify the space. It’s a slow and steady process, but one I’m happy to commit to and invest in.

June Garden Tour

June was a good month. The kids finished school, the oldest started summer school, we celebrated the dad's in our life, celebrated my mom and brother's birthday, and have enjoyed spending time around the homestead. We've settled into life with chickens and ducks, reveling in the ease and simple joy of watching them roam while we work in the gardens. We've even made a new kitty friend.

When my dad was in town, we knocked out some much needed projects in and outside of our house. From painting the kitchen, adding a pantry space, and putting drain rock around the backyard raised gardens and greenhouse. Everything looks so fresh, clean, and new!

We quickly finished our strawberry harvest (currently waiting for the next little batch), enjoyed fresh snap peas off the vine, still harvesting lots of kale, red lettuce, raspberries, and fresh herbs. I've taken to learning more about the wildflowers that popped up this year. Saving their seeds and drying out those with herbal uses has been pretty fun. I've also been drying all the rose petals I can for jellies and dried petals for various uses as well.

June has really brought everything to life. The greenhouse is ready for an overhaul of replanting as everything is growing nice and big in there. There has been a fair share of gloom and rain, but I've enjoyed the break from heat. The gardens have seemed to enjoy it as well. There have been so many firsts as well, little things like our first heirloom green bean flowers. Lots of squash has voluntarily come up, so I've been searching for creative ways to work them into my small spaces. Oh, and we extended the front yard gardens all the way around the yard, so it's been fun filling that in.

I'm excited to see what July will offer us, but really, I can't believe we're in the middle of the year and soaking up summer already! Things are good and the hard work is paying off. Happy July my friends!

Today in the garden


It's no secret that I love to spend time in my garden. I really love the quiet and solitude that I can easily find here, but more times than not, I share that space with one or two kids. I love spending time with them and teaching them along the way. I love watching things grow, especially with my kids next to me, along with harvesting our own food and incorporating it into our nightly meals. To see your garden turn into something from literally nothing, there's no feeling like it.

You know, I never realized that this would be something I'd love to do so much, but it's a really great experience to learn and grow in. It's undoubtedly therapeutic, and there's no denying how good of a thing is for us all. Along with being in the garden, we harvested a few scarlet runner beans today too. When opening the pods, we were greeted with a bright pink bean, and it was pretty incredible. They're currently soaking, so we'll make something small with them to see if it's something we learn to cook with and enjoy.

You know how it's so easy to get caught up cooking the same few things we know and love so well? Yeah, me too. I've taken to challenging myself more and more in learning new things and how to cook with what's currently coming out of the garden. Anyway, as you saw on the last post, we picked a bucket full of blueberries recently and I found this incredible recipe I'll share next! Stay tuned!