The Sweetest Simple Easter


I adore the Easter holiday. It reminds me of a sort of Thanksgiving in the springtime. The gardens are in bloom, the color green is brilliant and abundant, and my mind has fully, unapologetically wandered to life out of doors. There is family and friend time, a table full of delicious food, good wine, and ideally, an easy spirit.


After church with my Mother-in-law, baby girl fell asleep in the car, leaving the big kids anxious and having to be patient for our egg hunt. But as soon as those eyes fluttered open, it was on! Last year she was only 6 months old, so it’s so exciting to see the magic unfold with each thing we do. As soon as brother and sister ran to their baskets, Remy picked hers up, and promptly dumped it out! We couldn’t help but just laugh and rescue her eggs from hungry puppies.


Remy so often reminds me of the magic to be found in the little things, in the joy that is ever-present in little ones, and I find myself so unbelievably grateful for my children. From my oldest to my youngest, I encourage a light spirit of joy, of happiness, of fun, and of youthfulness; as a mother of a teen, I’m thankful to see it has worked, and I’m glad for each and every festivity he still wants to be apart of.


There was very little prep involved this year, but thankfully, everything came together, and I was so happy with how things turned out. Remy squeezed into a cute little jumper she won't fit into tomorrow, the big kids had their outfits in mind, and aside from the Easter basket treats, we got lucky to have everything else on hand for dinner and filling those eggs! Fruit snacks and a few chocolates, a roast ham dinner, and friends who brought homemade carrot cake filled our day so sweetly.


After dinner and dessert, the sun lingered a little longer and we headed to the garden to fill baskets for friends to take home. With early spring and overwintered greens and herbs, we had a good amount of treats to share! The kids happily played on their playground while the grown ups happily watched and slowly filled cars with things from the garden, food, and promises of doing it all again soon.

Until we meet again…Happy Easter!

Cheers to 31 years!

Back in April my sweet husband celebrated his birthday. I love to celebrate this guy, but if it's not a fishing trip, it's hard to figure out what to get for or do for him. Well, one of the things we love most is getting away, getting out of town, and enjoying a different view. While I think he was probably more disappointed than he would've liked to admit because he wasn't fishing, I have to say that I really loved this weekend away. A few towns over I scored this cute little cabin on AirBnB. While it wasn't exactly what we thought it was, it was still really great.

The last day we were there, I invited some of our best friends to come out and BBQ with us to celebrate. I love that they all took the time to drive out and be with us. After looking through these pictures again, it makes me realize that we should enjoy these simple pleasures much more than just on a special occasion. From playing with old original board games, having dance parties in front of the fire, and exploring around the area - it's not unreasonable to enjoy those things at home too.

Cheers to another birthday with my favorite guy! Nine birthdays together now, but who's counting?!

Fishing on the Bogie


It's truly out of love for this man, that I spend time with a fishing rod in my hands. While I love the serenity and talent behind fishing, it's his passion. It's truly a magical experience, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. To see the wild fish, the scenery, the locals - there's nothing like it. We've met people from all over the world, who have come to visit this very place, to fish our rivers, to have the experience that is only a short drive for us. This is a place we cherish deeply and appreciate endlessly. So for my sweet husband's 30th birthday, we spent time on a beautiful river, in amazing spring weather, and reveled in fishing Wild Steelhead.

Independence Day


Independence day is best spent as a family. At least in our book. Every year is pretty much the same as the last, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We wake up slowly, make a big breakfast, dress to impress, head out to the town festival, eat lunch, (and this year, pick blueberries too!) pick up fireworks, and head to our best friend's! It's that kinda good.

We made sure to include my mother-in-law this year, we took her to the festival with us, and she was sure to spoil us and the kids with lunch and Hawaiian shaved ice. Not one single complaint. Although, it was one of the hottest days we've had this summer, and compared to last. Still, we're happy campers!

We love the 4th of July. Sharing our patriotism is one of our favorites. My husband flies a big ole' flag on the back of his truck, we're decked out in red, white, and blue, and off we go! Our hearts swell with pride. We love our country and we love to celebrate it! Happy Independence Day America!

My 10th Mother's Day

North Cascades | May 2015

After ten years of being a mother, I find that I'm still learning as much now as I was in the beginning. It grows and changes with the years, of course, but it's often a humbling experience to say the least. There are many frustrating days, but asking forgiveness and saying 'I'm sorry' come into place, working your patience until it seems every last drop has escaped are regular encounters. But it's really truly rewarding. So many of us are fortunate enough to have this memorable experience, others of us aren't. And so for the ones who can't feel it all, just know that I am appreciating my children and being a mother every single moment, that I don't take time with them for granted because we never know how long we have it.

So we had a tiny little weekend with just the four of us, we didn't hesitate to live as much as possible in those two glorious days. That our kids know how to pack for an adventure is a bit of an understatement, they're edging on professional. Kate decided to roll her clothes like a burrito (I have no idea where she learned this, honest) to fit in a gift box with her name on it from a few years ago, because she simply wanted to. All the right amount of clothes, books, and the good stuff. Alyx helps his sister settle in like he's been doing it his whole life, and is undoubtedly her comfort if needed. How can I not be grateful for that?

And they know me well, surprising me with gifts that are so sweet and simple. Honestly, I'm always surprised, the trip alone was more than enough. Together was all I needed. I mentioned to my husband a table and chair might fit in my new little garden space, there didn't seem to be any hesitation, it's certainly my most favorite place to be. I'm anxious to sip coffee there in the morning in hopes of seeing a hummingbird stop by.

I hope there was living in your days, glorious moments of being with those you love, simply because that's really what matters most. I'm still learning, and giving myself grace and knowing it's all going to be okay, tomorrow is a new day. How lucky are we?

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