Hello, I'm Rikki.

Married to a great guy, Jeremy.

I am an adventure, lifestyle, and wedding photographer. I love books, pizza, road trips, wine, blankets, music, dogs, and flowers.

He is an avid fisherman and guide. He loves biscuits and gravy, beer, history, road trips, his truck, and hot sauce (on everything).

We have two children, Alyx and Kate. They love cabins, ice cream, pizza, movies, and cuddling.

We live in the Pacific Northwest and love the outdoor life here.

Our lives are largely composed of spontaneous adventures, an inseparable desire and unconditional love for one another. We've been through the worst of times and we've shared in the absolute best as well, and those memories and lessons of strength got us through multiple deployments, making us stronger than ever.

We strive for a healthier lifestyle daily, and live by a work hard play harder motto. We take our babes everywhere with us, as we want to share these experiences with them and remember these times together.

Enjoy the journey with us! ...and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping by!