Early Summer in the Garden


Morning fog and remnants of rain from the night greeted my sleepy eyes as I peeked out the window, as I do every morning. The force that pulls me to the garden was strong, as I find after a good rain, before the sky has cleared, just as the mornings of golden light speckling the earth fill me with the most simplistic happiness and warmth.


There are still signs of a fading spring, but the undeniable growth of summer is even more prominent now. It’s a sad state to say goodbye to a spring never to return, but knowing that another will inevitably follow in the year to come. By this time each year in the garden, I’m nearly overwhelmed by the anxiety of being behind in vegetable growth. When did I plant? Did I start soon enough? Why aren’t there more tomatoes growing yet? It’s an inevitable stress that follows me through the gardening seasons, and I urge myself back to calm, to remember that things grow in their own time. The obvious bromide to give into.


Despite urgings to stay inside where its warm and dry, I was accompanied by my two little girls, who have come to love traipsing through the gardens nearly as much as I. I wonder how they see it through their eyes, from their lower, more innocent perspectives. Then, distraction pulls the thoughts from my mind and I’m wholly present again. If ever there was a wonder why one succumbs to the whims of gardening, it’s safe to say that clarity of mind is a drug of its own.


Letting them run + thoughts on going back to school

Sometimes, when I'm in the thick of busy season, we still need to get out and plan, run, and laugh. It's often hard to pull myself away from my weekly routine and productivity. The joys of working from home, I guess. I can't say I have all this work-life balance worked out, because I often don't. But I do go through good spells of it and feel on top of the world. 

I never regret taking these breaks, especially during the summer when when it's all three of us and we get to enjoy one another's company. School here in the Northwest doesn't start until September, which feels like a good time away still to enjoy summer. My nieces back in the midwest start in just a couple of weeks! A lot is going to change in our little corner of the world come school time though. Kate starts full time kindergarten, which means both of my kids are in school during the day. I've done photography full time since she was born and got my degree, but the schedule was more like part time to meet their school schedules.

Now I'm having the opportunity to work more and have more time to myself, which seems rather surreal. I hardly know what I'll do with myself without my babies during the weekday. However, I know this will be a great step for each of us, as I also hope to start a Master's program next spring. I've already started working more, taking advantage of our amazing weather, and we're also planning to get more hiking and camping in too!

I hope your summer is going great! What are you looking forward to or planning as the school year starts again? Have a great week friends!

June Garden Tour

June was a good month. The kids finished school, the oldest started summer school, we celebrated the dad's in our life, celebrated my mom and brother's birthday, and have enjoyed spending time around the homestead. We've settled into life with chickens and ducks, reveling in the ease and simple joy of watching them roam while we work in the gardens. We've even made a new kitty friend.

When my dad was in town, we knocked out some much needed projects in and outside of our house. From painting the kitchen, adding a pantry space, and putting drain rock around the backyard raised gardens and greenhouse. Everything looks so fresh, clean, and new!

We quickly finished our strawberry harvest (currently waiting for the next little batch), enjoyed fresh snap peas off the vine, still harvesting lots of kale, red lettuce, raspberries, and fresh herbs. I've taken to learning more about the wildflowers that popped up this year. Saving their seeds and drying out those with herbal uses has been pretty fun. I've also been drying all the rose petals I can for jellies and dried petals for various uses as well.

June has really brought everything to life. The greenhouse is ready for an overhaul of replanting as everything is growing nice and big in there. There has been a fair share of gloom and rain, but I've enjoyed the break from heat. The gardens have seemed to enjoy it as well. There have been so many firsts as well, little things like our first heirloom green bean flowers. Lots of squash has voluntarily come up, so I've been searching for creative ways to work them into my small spaces. Oh, and we extended the front yard gardens all the way around the yard, so it's been fun filling that in.

I'm excited to see what July will offer us, but really, I can't believe we're in the middle of the year and soaking up summer already! Things are good and the hard work is paying off. Happy July my friends!