Mid-April in the Greenhouse


It’s been a process to bring life into the greenhouse this year. With a toddler at my feet and off and on days of rain, I find myself drawn here more than not, regardless of weather or even if there’s a kiddo nearby. I’ve come to love this space, as you can imagine, and the morning light is nearly poetic. I find myself drawn outdoors, pulled to this space as if entranced. Spring is a magical beast.


The fiddlehead ferns have emerged from beneath the greenhouse, and being the lover of ferns that I am, I’ve allowed them to stay—for now.


My mother-in-law, daughter, and I had a plant shopping day a few weeks back, and the fuchsias that haven’t yet been planted around the garden, are finding homes to stay in the greenhouse. Of all the ones we’ve planted out, this is the only with a bud. These flowers are the only annuals I buy each year, and I am overjoyed to see them burst forth with life in just a short time.


I walked into the greenhouse just the other morning—like I do most every day—and was suddenly struck by the individual characteristics emerging from the seedlings I’ve been watching emerge. When most seeds finally separate and push through the soil, they most all look very similar. If you wait and notice in a few short weeks, their unique colors, shapes, and forms begin to appear. I tried staying and tending to my tasks at hand, but found myself so distracted I went back inside for my camera, needing to fill the visions quickly forming in my mind.


I’m adamant to include an abundance of flowers and vegetables alike, and these floret seedlings are shaping up beautifully.


Spring is here and showing off all its beauty, not only in the greenhouse, but around the garden, our property, and town. It’s distracting indeed, but a welcome distraction that I fully appreciate this time of year. It’s a time where my mind is completely filled with thoughts of plants, planning, and dreaming as big as I can to fill my garden beds.

I’m amping up produce production as much as within my capability this year, and sharing the experience with my little girl, as well as my older two, has been so delightful. And each day that the rain breaks for us, we find ourselves pulling up our boots and treading through the wet grass to see what’s new since the last time we looked, even if that was just a few hours ago.

So Many Snow Days


The polar vortex of 2019 didn’t miss us like it seemed it would. Instead, we got a week of intense winter weather that rocked our state. It’s been a lot of fun to embrace the change, but it’s proved challenging after a full week of endless snow. Between not being able to get to work, losing power, stores running out of goods, and damage being done to buildings, enough is enough. Thankfully, we’re on the road to slightly higher temps and melting snow, and that has us all looking forward to spring!

I’ve been surprised at myself for having such a bad attitude toward the winter weather, I’m usually not so pessimistic. The first day of good snow excitedly found us outside with sleds, and Remy’s first trip down the slopes (although she wasn’t really the biggest fan, she preferred snowy walks). After that, I was struggling to pull myself out of a pool of negativity. I made myself do little things just for my own happiness and at least one thing interactive with my kids each day.

We baked a few things, watched a few movies, and read some books. But we also began a bible study of sorts, which proved to be my favorite thing of all. I’ve been looking for ways to have better conversations with my kids, more meaningful and engaging. My favorite church is the one where I feel most connected to life: out of doors. I honestly hadn’t thought before to do anything like it, but stumbled upon a series of mini lessons with overarching themes (time management, anger, self image, etc…). Again, to my surprise we’ve been enjoying it a lot, and we’ve had some of the best conversations this past week because of it.

I’m not sure what the future of this sort of thing will look like, but for now, I’m really enjoying this connection with my kids, and I hope it’s that part that will last.