The Sweetest Simple Easter


I adore the Easter holiday. It reminds me of a sort of Thanksgiving in the springtime. The gardens are in bloom, the color green is brilliant and abundant, and my mind has fully, unapologetically wandered to life out of doors. There is family and friend time, a table full of delicious food, good wine, and ideally, an easy spirit.


After church with my Mother-in-law, baby girl fell asleep in the car, leaving the big kids anxious and having to be patient for our egg hunt. But as soon as those eyes fluttered open, it was on! Last year she was only 6 months old, so it’s so exciting to see the magic unfold with each thing we do. As soon as brother and sister ran to their baskets, Remy picked hers up, and promptly dumped it out! We couldn’t help but just laugh and rescue her eggs from hungry puppies.


Remy so often reminds me of the magic to be found in the little things, in the joy that is ever-present in little ones, and I find myself so unbelievably grateful for my children. From my oldest to my youngest, I encourage a light spirit of joy, of happiness, of fun, and of youthfulness; as a mother of a teen, I’m thankful to see it has worked, and I’m glad for each and every festivity he still wants to be apart of.


There was very little prep involved this year, but thankfully, everything came together, and I was so happy with how things turned out. Remy squeezed into a cute little jumper she won't fit into tomorrow, the big kids had their outfits in mind, and aside from the Easter basket treats, we got lucky to have everything else on hand for dinner and filling those eggs! Fruit snacks and a few chocolates, a roast ham dinner, and friends who brought homemade carrot cake filled our day so sweetly.


After dinner and dessert, the sun lingered a little longer and we headed to the garden to fill baskets for friends to take home. With early spring and overwintered greens and herbs, we had a good amount of treats to share! The kids happily played on their playground while the grown ups happily watched and slowly filled cars with things from the garden, food, and promises of doing it all again soon.

Until we meet again…Happy Easter!

Battle of the tacos

Every month or so, a group of our friends get together with a food theme pre-planned, and we battle out our culinary skills to see whose will be voted the best. The kids have even started participating, which has turned out to be a lot of fun for all of us. Although, you should see the tension rise as the four of us are trying to maneuver in our kitchen, hahaa! It's getting easier though. I love that at 11 and 5, Alyx and Kate are pretty much fearless when it comes to thinking up a creative dish and deciding the can most certainly do it. They've learned, however, that it takes a little research and planning to properly execute a (sometimes) unique dish, but that hasn't hindered them at all.

I've been sharing these images each month on Facebook, so you can see previous cook off photos there. From breakfast, japanese, pizza, and tacos - we're challenging ourselves in the best ways! It's been fun, and so good to maintain our social life with our kids. I love that they hang with the adults and fit right in! I hope our kids find as good of friends as we have, because it's been a pretty big blessing in our lives to have people there to laugh with, cook with, and make memories with as the years go by.

Until next time...