Into the Woods, Her First Camping Trip


I felt a lot of apprehension before embarking on our first camping trip as a family of five. More things to pack, more time to get ready (in all aspects), and sleep were all weighing on my mind. While I was sure to pack all the things she might need without over-doing it, the camping trip really was quite successful. And I think our littlest one had a great time, already being the outdoor lover that she is.


The morning and evening temperatures were still a little too cool and the afternoons never got all that warm. We didn’t swim and kept layers at hand, so we managed just fine. I stayed tucked in close to the baby at night since it was still so chilly, something I hadn’t fully anticipated for this early summer season. But it made for our time to be very temperate and mild, something no one was complaining about!


I am a morning person through and through. There is so much to do along with the rising sun, and I LIVE for it. My girls tend to rise sometime after me, and I often cherish those slow, quiet mornings together.


The trip was a success, maybe not the greatest success, but a success nonetheless. I knew this experience was going to be a learning curve and offer us invaluable information to take with us as we travel, camp, and hit the road more and more. I’m also learning how much I’m enjoying staying at home and appreciating stillness more. If you know me, you know that’s quite a change, but as our life has shifted so much over the last few years I see this was a natural progression.

I’m really looking forward to at least one more camping trip on the coast this year— I LOVE the coast and beach life for all its worth and I want to soak it in and share it with my babies. With a vacation to Idaho in the books, I think we’re set for trips for a little while, but I know school will be here before we know it and I’m here to make the most of our summer while we can!