I'm Done With Grad School. Now What?

It’s been a longer journey than anticipated to finish graduate school. I had this timeline planned with anticipation of jumping right into the world of academia within nearly a year timespan. With our sweet surprise baby girl, that one year timeline became two. Now, I’m done. It’s rather surreal to think about, since that means that miserable pregnancy is finally over, the ups and downs of studying with a 3-13 month old is over, and I have time. TIME! I have so much time, it seems. There’s room in my brain for deeper thought that doesn’t involve literacy theory, writing composition, or due dates. I’m not even mad about it.

I’m getting to do things like catch up on editing, the never-ending game that it is. Sit and play with my little ones, without guilt that I should be studying. Coffee dates with my dear friend. And reading, oh how I’m so happy to have time to devote myself fully and patiently to reading whatever my heart desires.

It’s actually been a surprisingly difficult transition though. It has taken some time to fully settle into the notion that I don’t have any assignments due, no more texts to read, no discussions to participate in, and so on. At first, I couldn’t quite forego the whole idea, but a few months later, it’s sinking in.

This year, my aim is to take my time building a resume that will land me a job I want. I’m in no hurry since that sweet angel mentioned above is still so small. I’m fortunate to not have to trade my time with her, with a daycare, and I can plan accordingly for the work that awaits me.

What about a doctorate, you ask? Well, I just might! It’s an even longer and more intense commitment than graduate school, which overall, I loved. While I keep finding reasons why I should start (and there’s no promises that I won’t!), I really do intend to ensure this career field is fully right for me, or if I should tweak it to fit in a different sort of way. Mostly, I’m taking this year to figure all that out, to soak in leisure time again, go on trips with my family, play with my children, and read all the books I can get my hands on.