Waiting For Her

I can't believe it's September already. While I never wish time away, I've been allowing time to tick by quickly, because there is a lot of hard work happening around here. From buying a new home, to figuring out life on a couple of acres, getting our previous home rental ready, starting a new school year, preparing for maternity/paternity leave, and of course, for our little baby girl. I'm not sure I can say that "We're ready" yet, because I'm not sure anyone ever is. But we're getting there, we could get by. I've very slowly accumulated sweet little things for our little girl, saved a few favorite baby shower pieces from my dear friend and sister-in-law, because I simply couldn't part with them, and they are just darling in her room. I even found pieces from when Kate was a baby that have landed in here too, the knit booties, those were the first thing we bought when we found out Kate was a girl. Then there are her blankets, books, and a few pieces she has happily handed down for her little sister. And in case you were wondering about the two chairs, well, the smaller one was what I used for Kate (very small room before, but it worked) and she wants a chair next to mine to rock with me. I couldn't possibly say no and neither could her dad, so there it stays.

I need to pack a hospital bag, get a few more clothes, stock up on diapers, hang photos and shelves in the bedroom, get our little bedroom corner ready for the first few weeks with her, and I have no idea what else! I figure that we'll learn as we go... again. 6.5 years between babies sure makes you feel like you're starting for the first time, but maybe with a little subconscious experience to somewhat guide you along. 

We've been preparing our kiddos for the last few weeks as well, hoping that we'll all settle in together nicely. Mostly, I just can't wait to meet our daughter, to see her with her siblings, to hol her in my arms, and to watch my husband become a daddy all over again.