Feeling like fall already

Today feels like fall was literally thrown at us with a proud declaration of "I'M HERE!" as summer hit the door on the way out. I really love fall, back to school shopping, and all the warm cozy things that mean the autumnal season. However, my two sweet babes started jump start for school today. We're still a few more weeks away from the actual start of their school season, but today really hit home, that for the first time both of my kids are going to be in school full time. It's blissful to think about in some ways. All that struggle with working from home while the kids are around will pretty much disappear. Yet, this signifies a different world we're stepping into, ready or not! I've been mentally prepping myself so I'd be as ready as possible, but I don't think any amount of preparation actually sets you ahead of any other parent who is embracing the bittersweetness that is seeing their kids set off without them.

Thankfully, I'm slammed with work right now and I need to get the ball rolling on my Master's program application so I can start in spring. Being busy is a great thing during a transition like this, but the quiet that is hanging out like the big elephant in the room is going to take some time to fully embrace. I'm excited for this new figurative and literal changing of seasons, but it is, undoubtedly, as bittersweet as it gets for this mama.