Cook Off | BBQ, grilled, or smoked

This is our fourth cook off all together (there have been a few others, but not with all of us). It's been a lot of fun to make time for a day dedicated to good food and good friends. It's been easier than I had originally imagined.

My Jeremy won the previous theme for tacos and picked this one, bbq, grilled, or smoked. The idea is that you can make anything you want, as long as it's cooked one of those ways. Truth be told, he bbq's at every cook off. Then big Jeremy won this one with his smoked pork tenderloin with homemade pineapple bbq sauce. Divine. 

The night rolled on as we enjoyed our meal, the kids played Twister, and the adults played Hedbanz. It was too much fun and we laughed so hard. We're usually peeling ourselves away as the evening goes on, no one ready to call it a night. Such a good time. Until next time...