The orange grove in Somis

These moments right here. These are my very favorite of all time. One of my earliest memories as a child is eating fresh oranges we picked off her friends tree in Camarillo and eating them for breakfast together. Now, my heart aches at the thought. While I don't want to get into much detail, this trip was partially for her - my Grandma - and I couldn't miss her more if I tried. It felt so good to be in her place, to hear my dad reminisce on his childhood memories.

We left Camarillo first thing in the morning and headed to Somis where my dad grew up. The photo with the just the old yellow shed, his childhood home used to stand next to it. He grew up picking fresh fruit off the trees and riding his dirt bike through the property. There wasn't an area he didn't know and fresh avocados were typical. His neighbors have a pepper tree just across the street. I had never seen fresh pepper growing on a tree before, but that red bundle my dad is holding is just that. So neat! Think I can grow one in Washington?! 

Shortly after leaving we found the canyon where people push abandoned cars over the side. Then the most heavenly place on earth - an orange grove. There is seriously NOTHING in the world like a fresh picked orange from California. Hands down my most favorite thing in all the world. If you ever find the opportunity to pick one, or stop at a roadside stand or something, DO IT!

We took the back way into Kings Canyon and Sequoia, but it was hilariously unforgettable! Stay tuned.