Washington to Oregon. Day 1.

I've looked back at my of my posts from when we took these trips circa 2013. My sharing was weak and not nearly enough pictures! It's only taken me FOREVER, but I'm working through all the photos I've left unattended since my business has taken off the past few years. While I would find favorites to share quickly and get those thoughts out, it wasn't near what it could've been. So you may find one or two of these on age old posts, but I'm so proud of myself that I wanted to really showcase the story that was one of the most incredible trips our family has taken.

Before we got married, we were going through a lot of off and on deployments. We took a year to plan it all and gathered those who meant the most to us. It was our sole focus. So much that we never really thought about a honeymoon. With my parents driving back to Florida shortly after the wedding, we decided this would be our honeymoon of sorts until we really planned something. Well, all this time later, we haven't planned anything, and I'm more than happy with these sweet memories. This trip was unforgettable and I crave doing it again and again!

We drove Hwy 101 from Washington to Oregon to California, stopping along the coast on the way. After the 101, you reach Hwy 1 in California and embrace completely different scenery and California living at its finest. We left the cool, rainy, foggy weather behind and stopped at the first beach that promised sunshine! You can tell we are all so stoked to not only stop from driving the past few hours, but to be on a warm beach! Washington's beaches are almost always cold and so not worth dipping your toes into. I could use some of that right now, in fact!

Stay tuned for more from our incredible family road trip from Washington to Oregon, California, and back!