On having a boy

I dropped my son off at summer school this morning. He loves summer school, it was actually his idea. As he prepares for his first year of middle school this fall, it's great for him to get a head start on adjusting and getting the feel of a new school. As for me, I'm pretty much in complete denial. It's weird, for the lack of all better terms.

Anyway, we said our quick goodbyes and he hurriedly walked in the door with his usual excitement. I try to stay until he's out of sight. Just as he rounded the corner, a boy who looked to be in high school followed behind him. I really felt like I was going to lose it right then and there. But I kept my composure and went on with my morning. 

Of course, I couldn't go on without imagining that my boy will someday have that same chiseled face, be taller than me, and look more like a man than a boy. He will do more of his own thing and become very much his own person. 

What's so strange about the whole thing is that he's still just a little boy in my mind. Although, him being a baby feels like a lifetime ago, and in some ways it was. Life is funny that way, I suppose, but it leaves a very bittersweet feeling behind. I feel thankful to have his little sister some years behind him, so it isn't all so final at once. I'm grateful for them. For being their mom. For the life we are giving them. It's going fast, but I am so thankful.