Family fishing day

I have to admit that I sometimes forget how much I love being on the water. If you know me, that sounds pretty nuts coming from me. But you see, I'm a "love to be by the ocean" kind of girl. I love all things beach, salt water, sand, and sun. In Washington state, however, there's a new spin on that kind of daydream. The beaches are typically freezing cold. I've literally stood on a beach in the middle of hail storm here. Like, what?! Originally coming from California and living in Florida, I didn't even know that the ocean wasn't relatively warm to some extent all year round - let alone freezing! You can't really swim in the ocean here either, and we often wear layers of clothes when walking along the beach.

I recently missed a river fishing trip my husband was really excited about. I don't mind fishing, but ten hours of it in one day is really pushing it for me. I know he loves it though, so we compromised. Fishing on the lake together was it. And it was so great! The feel of being on a boat, the water beneath you and all around you. Truly appreciating nature and what it offers you in that very moment, that is everything. It is one of the times that you feel small but amazed at the wonders of the world and that we get to be here. We even heard bald eagles talking back and forth for hours. 

I may have had to put my sweater on when the sun ducked behind clouds, then take it off as the sun came out about a dozen times, but I really didn't mind. That was the biggest concern of our little world at the moment. It's certainly one of the reasons I love forcing myself away from my daily concerns and all the to-do lists. No wonder my husband loves fishing so much!