Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Just over a week ago, my baby sister graduated from high school. If there's one quick thing you should know about our family, it's that we've all taken the path less traveled when it comes to our lives. Uniquely, each one of us have chosen things that might be considered "backwards." Yet, things have worked out for the better, because my brothers, sister, and I all possess determination and none of us have allowed our good and bad choices to sway us from ultimate goals.

I can't say that I hope for this route for my own children, or any of you, because going your own way can come with a lot of heartache and hard life lessons. It's worked out for us though, and I'm incredibly thankful. 

Before the graduation, my sister's school gave her graduating class a dinner with family. It was a lovely event that left everyone motivated and ready for the next steps in their lives. Each student was given an opportunity to give a thank you speech before the end of the night. To my complete surprise, when my once-shy sister took to the microphone, her first thanks was to me. I was nearly in tears that through it all, she had this feeling of gratitude to share, and she started with me.

To understand my sister and I, you have to know that I am a rather motivated person. I don't like sitting still long, and I'm a glutton for getting things done. My sister and I couldn't be more opposite in this fashion. However, when given the right circumstance, she knows how to do business. I love that side of her, naturally. When it came to school, I wouldn't give up on her. Through her troubled high school years I wouldn't let her rest and I kept on pushing her. When she decided to pursue life over education for a few years, I did all I could to guide her through it, then continued pushing her through school. So as she thanked me for "pushing her to pursue her education," I kindly said, "gently shoved." It's true. I'm relentless.

And so it ends and begins this phase of her life, where she's done with high school and onto an undergrad. I couldn't be more proud. She's made for this kind of thing, much like me. We love our books and words and the educational atmosphere. I know she'll do well, I'm greatly looking forward to all that is coming her way. I truly look forward to seeing her reach her potential!