Kate's 1st field trip to the zoo

While it was a simple event, Kate had counted down over two weeks until her first field trip with her preschool class. Her excitement could hardly be contained! She had asked if her dad and I could come, but being during the work week it was hard to make that commitment. At one point she told me, "Well, I won't go if you don't." She's usually pretty shy, so at the last minute, we took the time off work and tagged along with her little group to the zoo.

To my surprise, she wasn't the least bit shy or reserved this day. Nothing else really mattered as the day to go to the zoo finally arrived. Her first bus ride to and from, she had a chaperone and a few friends to hang out with, and off she went! It was bittersweet as her dad and I quietly walked nearby from each exhibit, seeing our little girl so brave and excited. We honestly could have not gone and it wouldn't have made a difference to her.

But it means the world to me, as her mom, that I was able to attend her first field trip. I was able to see and capture little moments of excitement, holding hands, sitting at lunch, and laughing along with her little friends. There were so many sweet moments that I'm so thankful my husband and I shared.