Port Angeles looking out to Canada

Port Angeles is such a sweet little city. For me, it means that I'm almost to Lake Crescent where I see some of my favorite lake views and tree lines. It's a final stopping point if we need anything before hitting Forks, because you won't get much after that point. And it's a fun place to explore if you have the time. We are usually excited to get where we're going, so we haven't seen much in Port Angeles over the years. This time, however, my husband knew about this tower open to the public that looks out of Canada and thought it'd be a fun place to get out and stretch our legs as we were finding our way home. 

I love that moment when the kids see a new place and take off running for it as I'm trailing behind. I love to see how the dogs take to a new place as well, then taking it all in myself, and documenting along the way. While it was a short, seemingly uneventful stop, I'm grateful that I take the time to capture it. Moments like these can easily be forgotten, not that they weren't great, but it's typically how our minds work. It's times like this that I am thankful for photography, for blogging, and for adventure.