8 year anniversary trip to Forks, Wa

What was planned as a trip with just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary, became a family adventure. Things had just been so busy, I felt bad spending the weekend away from our kids. We agreed making the event for the four of us was just what we needed instead. It was a great call! We arrived late, picked up food, and headed out the next morning to watch the sunrise over La Push. Needless to say, there wasn't much of a sunrise until we were driving away from the beach, but it was great to be there as day broke. 

We drove out to the Hot Rainforest after that and played along the river bank. There's a fishing hole that takes you through the most incredible grove of trees. On the way out from there, we found the most amazing thing alongside the road I've ever seen! A handmade swing! Just hanging there, on a tree, in the middle of the rain forest! I absolutely love swings and was so over the moon for such a sweet find. Our night was spent fireside, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying a bottle of wine, compliments of Larry, the man who owns Blue Heron Lodge and Guide Service. He's become a friend over the years of fishing with him and staying at the lodge, it's become a family and friend favorite! 

My husband and I love to make a big meal while we're there. This time it fell to breakfast. It's so great to enjoy a great meal together at the table, truly one of the best things in my book! Woodland views, river walks, hot coffee, and sliding in our socks take up the rest of our time before we head out. It's all rather simple, but if you were to ask anyone who we've taken out there, you'd know how amazing of an experience it is every time. It's how we use the time connecting with one another, enjoying each meal, cup of coffee, board game, and late nights by the fire that makes it truly unforgettable.

Here's a little clip I put together...