Baby girl is 5

I am blown away at how fast time can fly by, and with that, we welcomed our baby girl turning 5. We celebrated her birthday party a little late, but it was still so much fun and there's no doubt she felt all the love! I've said it many times before, but we are really blessed with great friends who love our children. Much of my family is far away and good friendships can help to fill that gap. 

Kate is a loving and kind girl with a love of learning. She is also very no nonsense. Seriously, she does not like to be fooled about anything and calls you out. Example: her recent discussion with her Aunt when she asked if the Easter bunny was real. "It's just a man dressed up in a costume though, right?" I quickly let my sister know that it's ok to be honest and forward, yet gentle, about these things.

She loves her dresses and sometimes likes to play dress up, which is just adorable. She loves wearing as many colors at once as she possibly can! I really make myself step back and let her express herself so as to not hinder her creativity. But oh my goodness, those purple and pink striped socks with that green dress?! In public?! I'm so curious to see how all of her little quirks play out as she grows, not that I'm in any hurry, of course.

As we welcomed our friends in, we set out to BBQ and have some of her favorite snacks on the table. A 'happy birthday kate' banner, cute pink paper lanterns, and a giant gold number 5 balloon, which she instantly labeled "big fat 5." We like to name things. The next day, as we waited for some sunlight, we ventured to one of our favorite parks and took some pictures of this momentous time in her life, and despite the five year old attitude that often showed, we got some really cute attitude too!

This motherhood thing. Raising kids. It's really something else. And I really love it.